Our amazing crew... You can't find better then these.

I am so proud of our crew.  We are Faith Surf School and these amazing humans are the ones that take care of our students and give them the best experience in this amazing place.  We are a team, we are family, and we are friends.  We enjoy and appreciate each other which in turns makes it a wonderful place to work and share our passions.  Love you my crew!!!

Our children in our place...

Our children, in our home Waikiki.  Waikiki is a playground for beginners and intermediate surfers. It is the home of many professional surfers because it starts you off with the core of surf.  Fun. Family. Friends. That is what bought us to this place and we are so blessed because our playground is now our office! 

This is our dream... To have a surf stand on this magical beach and to share our love for surfing and the ocean with everyone who comes!


Josh gets his first cover shot on Hawaii's favored surf magazine.

Seth Moniz Junior NATIONAL CHAMP 2013!

This summer in Huntington, Seth won a National Title!!! 

KELIA MONIZ 2012 Women's Longboard WORLD CHAMPION!


Josh Moniz Junior WORLD Champion 2013!!!!

Josh Moniz
Junior WORLD CHAMP 2013
18 and under

32 Countries together completing for the GOLD... Our Josh wins a dang WORLD TITLE BABY!!



Our daughter, Kelia is a Roxy girl and just partnered with Ford.  This commercial came out during the X-Games in August 2013! :)



Our daughter, Kelia is a Roxy girl and just partnered with Ford.  This commercial came out during the X-Games in August 2013! :)


Seth Moniz...

Our youngest son Seth, in his favorite place (as you can tell)!

Beautiful hawaii

Love it!


SURFER MAG and Micah Moniz

Our oldest son, Micah, who is also one of our awesome surf instructors landed a big clip in SURFER MAG today!  Getting a shot in one of the finest mags in our country is a huge feat, being that you are competing among the Pipeline greats!  This day was epic and he was in the right place at the right time... ZAC NOYLE photos.

Super Session SURFER MAG

Super Session

Micah, our oldest, and one of our surf instructors in our school landed an awesome shot in Surfer Mag.com today!  Thanks to Zac Noyle for the shot! ;)


Isaiah wins Haleiwa International Open in perfect surf!

Our son Isaiah won in good Haleiwa at the Haleiwa International. He surfed against Hawaii's best as well as Japan's!


Vertra Ad in FreeSurf Mag... My boys....

These are my men.  My husband that pioneered our surf school (with my help of course!), and my 4 sons.  I couldn't wait for the time where I could look at them eye to eye (unfortunately sometimes  the eye  rolls back into the brain!) but now, I feel sad I don't have any babies.  I took this shot (and can you imagine what it would be like to take a photo of your husband and kids?  I should show you the 1000 other shots that went into the trash!)  But this is probably one of my favorite shots... of course.  This is Hawaii.  this is Waikiki.  this is my family. (missing my daughter though)


Kelia Moniz, our daughter, wins Women's Longboard WORLD TITLE 2012!!!

Kelia Moniz Roxy Girl Comes in after Semi finals

Kelia won by demonstrating her grace and style along with her incredible nose riding techniques and good turns

Our Hawaiian Mens qualifiers were there to cheer her on and give her some great coaching as she prepared for the finals!

This moment was one I will never forget.  We were in China, and our family was back at home... it was such a blessing to have these men carry her up.  These are Hawaii's finest previous world champ Dwaine Desoto Keegan Edwards, Kai Salas, and Nelson Ahina.  These are Hawaii's best men's Longboarders also there for the title.

Not only did Kelia win the contest, but she won the prestigious World Title!!!

My darling daughter is an amazing young woman.  She is 19 years old and can  nose ride like no other.  She has style and grace that captures the beauty of longboarding, and an amazing personality!  Good job bebe! xoxo


Grom Games Flipbook | SURFING Magazine

Grom Games Flipbook | SURFING Magazine

Seth's first trip to Nicaragua this summer with Surfing Mag! (I got to go too!)


Beautiful Babies

 Being out in the north shore gives you another appreciation for the beauty in nature.  The sand is clean and beautiful, the water is majestic, the air so pure, and the sunsets... geez, you can never get enough of it.  For surfing, you can't get any closer for a crisp, beautiful shot.  Now put a baby in the picture and you get heavenly perfection.... these are my heart drops.


Sunsets and paradise

Hawaii is an amazing place and living here is a dream... This is a normal day here...

Isaiah moniz

Photo by Pat Stacey... Love it!!!

Our daughter...the little Eskimo!


Nssa Sunset Beach

This weekend team Moniz made 2 finals and got 1st and 2nd in both. Fun 2-6 foot Sunset Beach!


Version Hawaii junior world team trials...

This past weekend, our boys josh and Seth went out for the trials for the prestigious hawaii world team. Great waves and Hawaii has the best coaches as well. Two full days of coaching and info to last a lifetime!

Billabong insta post for Seth!


My babies....

This was about 9 years ago and now they still walk up this sidewalk after a surf but they are much bigger. Enjoy your young ones!!!


Kelia Moniz

Double page spread in the Freesurf Magazine ...


My Roxy girl.... Dreams do come true..

When my daughter was 12, her dream was to be a Roxy girl. Well now at 19, she is traveling the world w Roxy and living the dream life! Now she is on the window at the Waikiki Quiksilver/Roxy store, on their big van, and just got a 2 page spread on freesurf magazine. It is hard to believe for me that she is really doing this and she deserves is because she has worked hard and been a great representative of Roxy. Awesome girl!


DUKE FEST: HIC Junior PRO at Waikiki

Each year, Hawaii celebrates the life of Duke Kahanamoku in a week-long festivities. All water related and prized! This year, HIC Surf Shop held the Junior Pro event and our son, Isaiah Moniz, got 2nd and made Waikiki proud.. as well as his family and Faith Surf School! He surfed his home base when he was a grommie and represented well!

Billabong Ad in Free Surf Magazine: Moniz Boys

This is probably one of my favorite shots of my boys.  Where you can look back and just see all the beauty in them as individuals and together as brothers.  Of course they couldn't fight or grumble because I wasn't the one taking the shot! ha! 


Free Surf Magazine!

It's not often when I get something to brag about! And I'm not the type to post a picture of myself and tell everyone what I did... welll... EVERYONE.. LOOK at MY double page spread in the new Free Surf Magazine! ha! ;) And oh yeah, that's my kid Josh in the barrel...And this is a great shot of me at the beach as well... my hair is nice and straight and in control...so why not post this pic right? ;)


Nicaragua...Seth and Surfing Magazine!..and Mama ;)

5 young surfers in America are invited on a surf trip with Surfing Magazine to Nicaragua! Our son, Seth, was one chosen and I got to go along! This is the crew... It wasn't long ago when Seth was a child surfing with our students at Faith Surf School. Now at 14, he is traveling the world with other kids his age. Look out for them on the next issue of Surfing Magazine!


This is why we love what we do! :)

Hi. My family just got back from an amazing vacation in Waikiki, during which my 16 year old daughter took lessons at your school. She participated in a group lesson first and loved it so much, we set up a private lesson too. I just wanted to say thank you for giving her an incredible experience. Both instructors - Matt and and Uncle Donald - were so great. They made it so much fun and taught her a lot. She has been thrilled ever since, and can't wait to get out and surf some more. A surfer is born!
Anyway, thanks again. We have told and will continue to tell everyone what a great school you have. The pictures we purchased (and posted) speak for themselves. The next time we're on the island, we'll definitely be back to see you guys. :-)
~ Stephanie Burton

Soul Surfer

Kelia Moniz from Soul Surfers on Vimeo.

Our daughter, Kelia Moniz, was featured on Soul Surfer which is a Hawaii program featuring our surfing community. :)


Little Kennedy....

Kennedy calls me "nana"... and when she is super happy, or super sad, she calls me, "Nani!"  She captivates our family in every way.  All my children love her to pieces and always asks when she is coming over again.  In Hawaii, we call these our "hanai" kids.  It is when we take in a child like our own blood.  She is definitely that to us.  She has a mom and daddy that love her so, but the Moniz's have inherited her by choice.  :)  In these pictures, she is saying, "Papa!"... that would be my hubby, Tony.  She loves her Papa!  He is definitely the apple of her eye.